Super Dollar is one of the few grocery stores that still cuts and packages their fresh beef and pork in the store like the neighborhood butcher used to do.  To save money, many competitors are having their beef and pork cut and packaged off-site and having it shipped over long distances to their stores.  At Super Dollar Discount Foods, we do it differently. Our friendly, skilled meat cutters are on site, cutting and trimming fresh beef and pork throughout the day. We feel it’s the best way for our customers to get the fresh cuts they like!


For most families, meat is still the centerpiece of meals prepared at home. For that reason, Super Dollar Discount Foods wants to make our Meat Department the centerpiece of your visit to our store. Our meat departments and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily to ensure food safety and quality. Our clean, bright and well-stocked meat department will make the experience of shopping for and selecting the right cut of meat for your family’s meal a pleasant experience.


Super Dollar's ground beef is ground several times each day to ensure the ultimate freshness and quality.  Look for our SUPER FRESH label!


If ALL NATURAL meat is important to you and your family, you'll want to make Super Dollar your stop of choice.  Our fresh beef, chicken and pork are all natural with no additives or solutions or chemicals.  There’s nothing in our meat but wholesome, fresh meat!  Don't settle for anything less than the freshest, all natural meats your money can buy.

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