[+]Why do your store ads vary from one location to another?

[+]Does Super Dollar buy produce from local farmers?

[+]How do I get a specialty produce item that I cannot find in the produce department?

[+]How do I pick a good watermelon?

[+]How do I read the code on my canned goods?

[+]How do I ripen peaches or other soft fruit?

[+]How long after I open my milk will it stay fresh?

[+]How do I get the discount for the Mega Sale?

[+]Is it necessary to wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking them?

[+]What do I do if I am unhappy with the service that I received at my grocery store?

[+]What do I do if I don't like the quality of a Super Dollar brand item?

[+]What do you do if an advertised grocery special is out of stock?

[+]What makes potatoes turn green?

[+]What makes the produce prices change so frequently?

[+]Why does my banana turn a grayish color when I put it in the refrigerator?

[+]Why is fresh ground beef sometimes dark in the center and red on the outside?

[+]How can I get a job at Super Dollar?

[+]I have a product I am interested in selling, what are the proper steps to take?

[+]What is the difference between 'sell by', 'pull', 'use by', 'best if used by' and 'expiration' date?

[+]Why are items sometimes discontinued?

[+]How do I contact someone regarding a returned check?

For any other questions or concerns please us our contact us page.

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